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Pimpin' Friday 2/18/11

OK, so if you read the Twi-Muses blog, this will be a repeat. But I have been crazy busy this week and just haven't had a chance to write a good rec. you go.

Anybody that knows me, knows that I’m all about the angst. For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to stories and movies that break my heart. If it’ll bring a tear to my eye, I’m all over it. Into Strangers is one of those.

Mopstyle brings my favorite pairing of Jasper and Bella to all new heights of pain and misery. The story tracks their relationship from their high school days until their mid-twenties. Bella is engaged to Edward, who only knows of her long-standing friendship with Jasper. Jasper is at his Emo best. Tattooed, angry and lost, he drifts into and out of Bella’s life, ripping her heart to shreds every time. She, of course, is unable to fight her pull to him and she’s angry at him and herself for it.
Bella, caught up in remembering their first date together describes the pain and pleasure that seems to go hand-in-hand with their relationship:
Jasper had his hand cupped around my shoulder. He whispered in my ear again how edible I looked. Just as Mrs. Weber told us to smile he closed his lips on my neck, sinking his teeth into my flesh. He sucked my skin into his mouth, his tongue lathed over the surface. My knees wobbled and he locked his arm around my waist to keep me standing against him. She had perfect fucking timing, catching us at our most intimate, most rabid second. I wanted to burn it—burn my fucking hungry, lustful face off of it.
By the second full chapter, my heart was hurting for both of them. Jasper has been watching her from afar, staying in the periphery so as not to hurt her with his presence. Of course, he is only making himself miserable.
...but I'd just as soon lock myself up forever than start with her again. So I'll just pretend I'm gone, as well. She'll sleep tonight and I may, as well, but I'll never quite forgive her and I'll always be where she put me.
And of course, how can I NOT mention the lemons? Everybody LURVES lemons, right? That said, I’m not a big fan of sex for the sake of sex (or in the fanfic world, for the sake of getting readership and reviews). I believe that lemons should further the story in some way. This one has probably the BEST angry lemon I’ve ever read, but it only adds to the plot and shows more thoroughly the desperate connection these two have to each other.
"I'm sorry."

Blind again. "You're sorry!" I screeched, "For what, Jasper? For fucking me around for the last twelve years? For using me and pushing me away? What exactly are you sorry for, huh? You are a black fucking hole that I cannot stop from sucking me in!" I backhanded an empty bucket off the table, hitting him in the knees.

I tried to push past him. Fuck the blends, fuck this place, fuck his face. I was done with meaningless apologies. He held my arms and wouldn't let me through. He was still as warm as I remember. The tingle was still there where our skin met.

"Let me the fuck go, Jasper," I said to his chest, my body shaking. I braced myself. The love and fury ignited inside me were winning. I pushed away from him, nauseated that I would want that, of all things, right now.

"Bella, wait." His words were soft and I pounded on his chest with both fists for it.

"Wait for what? I have been fucking waiting! What are you hoping to accomplish here? This was obviously the end. Why can't you just disappear again, leave me alone?" I wasn't fighting the tears anymore and let them fall free. It felt good to release some of the sorrow. I didn't want him to disappear, but I just couldn't suffer him anymore.

His eyes were pools of regret and adoration; a small frown pulled on his lips. That was my mask, the one designed for me.

"Bella, you're not listening to me. You're waiting for words that aren't there. I love you and you know that. I've told you seven thousand times." Each word was punctuated with his body as he pushed himself into me, tightly holding my arms.

"You don't love me," I said. "You never have. If you did, you wouldn't be doing this."

"All I do…is want you. Wait for you. Watch you," he whispered in my ear. His voice cracked and faltered. As he said the words I'd longed to hear, he walked me backward to the edge of the table. His fingers traded my arms for my waist and my hands trembled, wanting the feel of him underneath them.

"El? Look at me."

I met his eyes again and nothing mattered anymore, nothing had even happened. It was 1998 again; I was the prom girl finally getting the guy. I inhaled his fragrance and it hurt, more than it ever had. His fingers were digging into me and I broke free of my chain. I attacked his lips with mine. Buckets fell and beans spilled as he launched me onto the table.

We wrapped around each other like we were two snakes, charming our way into each others' veins. He lifted my shirt, tearing my bra off, and crashed his lips back down into mine. Our hair was in our mouths, getting sucked and soaked in between our kisses. Four hands searched—bruising, caressing, pulling and pinching over every inch.

We tore the rest of our clothes off, desperate to be together again. I reached for the table behind me as Jasper lifted me off the ground. I leaned back, staring at him, daring him to avert his eyes. My ass rested half off the cold steel and our motions slowed as we both realized we were only damning ourselves for eternity if we continued.

His unyielding tip at my entrance, he spoke haggardly, "Leave with me, Peach. Leave with me tonight."

His strong painted arms supported most of my weight, and rather than give him the answer we both knew I would, I slid myself onto him; tears and curses of years destroyed, of ecstasy, burst from my senses.

He did not try to stop me. Words were lost as he fucked me slow and hard, the table hitting the wall with each thrust. With his help, I held myself up and propelled myself onto him...
Go now and read. And please leave her some love. This story in all its glory has less than 200 reviews. Its awesome. I’m reading it again as soon as I finish writing this.

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