Tuesday, 15 February 2011

BEL: The Chapter My Beta Begged Me For

No, really, Dangerkitty ain't too proud to beg. The conversation (paraphrased) went something like this:
Me: How do I answer the question 'What about Charlie?'
DK: What do you mean?
Me: When Jasper says to Bella, 'What about Charlie?'. She has to go with Jasper, she has no choice; but Charlie will be her main concern - she won't want to leave him.
DK: Anyway you could take Charlie with them? I hate that most of the stories just kinda leave him out once she changes.
Me: ...
And that, my friends, is the real story behind "Uncle Pete?!"

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  1. *bows at her newly acquired fans* You're welcome, you're welcome.....

    and, BTW, does anybody else find it funny that the word I have to type in to confirm I'm human an allowed to post this comment is 'boarkin'? Sounds a little...perverted.