Sunday, 6 February 2011

I got pimped!

Cullen818 totally reviewed Domward over at Jasper's Naughty Girls! I am SO excited! I've never been reviewed by a site that visible...and by cullen818 at that! Yay! Here's what she said:

I'll admit it...the name of this fic pulled me right in. I'm a sucker for a Dominant Edward and then when you tell me he's a vamp too, well, I'll drop everything.

Edward is an angry vamp and he has some serious aggression to take out on his unlikely sub. The angrier he gets, the hotter he  becomes. My only complaint here is the fic was too short. I so want more!

I think I could die happy now :D


  1. You make me blush. But, I'm glad I made you happy! I really did enjoy the o/s and I'll totally check out your other fics:)


  2. Getting pimped by Steph is enough to make you ptfo. *nods* Congrats wifey.