Monday, 21 February 2011

Fics on TwiWrite

So, I finally got off my lazy ass and moved my two oldest (and dearest) fics to TwiWrite. Reinventing Bella was recently featured on Twilight Awards 'Under the Radar' recommended reading, so I'm hoping it will begin to generate some renewed interest. I'm treating is as a 'choose your own ending' story, so the two options for the next chapter are open for voting on the blog until midnight on 2/28/11. I plan to have the next chapter written and posted by the 4th of March.

For a little bit of insight for anybody (namely YOU) who has never read them:

Reinventing Bella is a story about (obviously) Bella getting the chance to make something different of her life. She moves to a new town and is trying to break out of her wallflower persona and become the person she wants to be. She has the attention of Jasper and Edward and is being pulled between them. It's up to you, my readers, to figure out what is gonna go down with the three of them. The poll on the blog is available until midnight on 2/28/11. At that time I will take whoever has the most votes and run away with them...wait, I mean let Bella at 'em.

A Stitch in Time is my personal favorite. It is the story of a sad and depressed Bella who managed to travel back in time to her life as a teenager. She gets the opportunity to make different choices that could possibly lead to a different outcome in her life. Will she make the same choice and return to the one thing in her life that she would never give up - her toddler son - or will she make different choice and end up with the man of her dreams?

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