Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Howdy, folks!

Alright, so I'm moved in and I've cleaned all that nasty shit out of the fridge. I dunno what the hell kinda science experiment Jazzella was working on, but green and fuzzy do NOT belong in my fridge.

For those of you who don't know me, get over it. I plan on sticking around and harassing the hell out of wifey. More like stalking her, actually. She's my idol *girlie sigh*. But anyway, about me. Hmmm....I am not necessarily new to the ficdom, but I am relatively new to the community that surrounds it. Thanks to my fuckawesome beta abilities and my Southern accent I have been brought into Jazzella's world. Now I spend my time fumbling around, starstruck when somebody like JaspersIzzy or cullen818 talk to me and squeeing in wifey's ear about it whenever she's around.

I write when I have time, but I tend to start stuff and never finish it. That is not my intention, but I'm not big into planning things - instead I jump in and halfway through look around and say WTF? Where the hell was I going with this? So, I've decide to turn the plotting business over to my readers in one story. Read Reinventing Bella and vote for how the next chapter plays out. (<<< shameless plug, but why not?)

So enough about me. I know why you're here and it's not to hear me ramble on and on. Its to see lots of Jaxper; to find drool worthy pics that will make you lick your monitor. I promise to deliver!

More gratuitous Jaxper. Wifey says there is hope for a wigless BD after all....

Don't know who the girl is, but if that were me, I think I'd be licking his jaw. At the least I'd be smiling so big you wouldn't see anything but teeth.


  1. well yea i would be trying to lick his jaw too lol and damn nice pic hun lol and welcome and so what if we dont know ya i'm sure it wont take long lol so welcome and have fun

  2. I would *love* to know what he's thinking here