Friday, 11 February 2011

Pimpin' Friday 2/11/11

Well, today I am pimpin' Dark Temptation by Minnakoda.

Summary: After the Cullens abandoned Bella and Jasper in the wake of Bella's disastrous birthday party, they find their lives taking unexpected turns. Drifting through his days, Jasper decides to use his powers to have a little fun at the grocery store, and it could change everything.

This little fic started as a smutty one-shot (who doesn't love those, right?) but has turned into a very interesting story. We have my favorite combo, Bella and Jasper, but Bella is married to Peter who is mated to Charlotte. There's midget stripping and jail time for the testosterone-laden and bars and boob-feelage for the girlies. I have to confess that being sick this last week has prevented me from reading the most recent update, but so far this story keeps me intrigued and laughing. I would recommend it to anybody who wants a good chuckle...or to see a midget stripper dressed as an Ewok (that was disturbing). And, who can forget Bella getting her rocks off in the produce isle?

Here I was just trying to have a little fun while stocking up on shampoo and wasting some time, and instead I found myself with a cart full of band-aids, magazines, steak and… whipped cream? Oh, and lets not forget the raging hard-on.

Go on, you know you're interested now!

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