Tuesday, 22 February 2011

OMGWTFBBQ?!!!111! aka Very Important Announcement

There's been a few changes around here the last 12 hours, including a nice new spankerific name, 'All That Jazz' and a fuckawesome banner what I made all by myself at about 4am this morning. The question is, why?

As you might be aware, the wifey Dangerkitty recently started a blog, on which, like me, she intersperses her fic updates and teasers with Jasper-centric fic recs and gratuitous Jacksper pictures.

Last night, while discussing a Top Sekrit But Soon To Be Announced Project that we're working on and in an attempt to make an honest woman of her, I casually said that she should have just been a co-author on my blog so we could ogle all our Jacksper pictures in one place help each other out and not have the pressure of posting every day.

Cut to twelve hours later and she's already moved in, rearranged the furniture and sorted the CDs into alphabetical order. She's brought with her the affiliates I didn't already have *waves to new affiliates* and is currently busy making a list of things I need to fix, make or create blinkies for.

For those who link already, the original url and rss of the blog remains the same because neither of us can be arsed to go through all that malarky, but the blog itself has a new name and a lovely new blinkie. (Sorry Izzy, don't kill me!) So if you were following and/or affiliated with me, there's very little change. Dangerkitty's url redirects here, her posts have been assimilated, she's sorting out our Twitterfeeds and contacting affiliates with new info, it's all good.

In other news, you'll be pleased to know that my fuckawesome Jacksper-purdy theme will not be changing. I told her, "You can move in but you ain't decorating".

I'm sure once she finishes unpacking and cleaning out the fridge she'll come along and say hi.

Obligatory gratuitous Jacksper picture:

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