Monday, 21 February 2011

ManCandy Monday: Mergers & Acquisitions (revisited)

Just a quickie *snickers* today.

A few weeks ago, I suffered a traumatic experience. My favourite ever slash fic disappeared. The writer, on whose profile I was following it religiously, deleted everything from FFN and was gone... poof.

And I was like this...

But then!!!

I found out it was a co-write! And that her partner in crime, Touchstone67 was continuing the heartbreaking story of my two favourite boys.

And I was like this...

And I raced to catch up with the 5 chapters I'd missed.

And then I cried because dammit! It's sad already!

And I left bawling reviews for the new author, like this...

Mergers & Acquisitions can now be found here.

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