Monday, 7 February 2011

ManCandy Monday: The Whitlock-Masen Treasure Trove

As you should be aware by now, ManCandy Monday is all about the smutty boy secks. Especially J/E pairings because, as you should all know by now, that's the only Edward I actually like.

I'm pleased to have discovered Whitlock-Masen, who are ALL about the smutty boy secks. It's a collaboration between Naelany and SorceressCirce dealing only with slash pairings and almost all JxE as far as I can tell (I'm reading 'Marked' at the moment so I'm kind of engrossed and can't be bothered to check.

Go look for yourself.


  1. OMG girl lol thank you! And no, it's not ALL E/J, but mostly. We've got some Jacob/Paul, Charlie/(not gonna say because it'd spoil the first 2 chapters, but it's slash), and one Jasper/(and again not spoiling, but this is not slash).

    Again, thank you! And I'm glad you're enjoying our work!

  2. Don't forget Edward/Emmett ;) But yes, mostly E/J (since that's our favorite, too).

    Thank you SO much for this fantastic rec! We really appreciate it :)