Tuesday, 22 February 2011

BEL: The Chapter in Which I Say 'I Told You So'

Two things needed clearing up asap and this is the chapter in which that will happen.

Point, the First: Charlotte. Lots of speculation that she's defected, or working behind Peter's back; that maybe she planted the razor blade (nope, sorry, she didn't), or that she's just not being featured in the story all that much.
Like Peter would let that happen!

This chapter will tell us where Charlotte was during the party and why she wasn't in Forks. If you reviewed, I hinted in spoilers that she had been doing something very important. You're about to find out what.

Point, the Second: Alice. I'm only going to say this once. Y'all need to start reading the story I'm writing and not the one you think it is based on all the other Jasper/Bella fics you've read. I said from  the beginning that Alice is not 'evil'.
 Chapter 6 - Jasper“You have to trust me Bella when I say that I trust Alice. Along with Peter and Char, I trust her with my life. There is no way she’s involved with the Volturi in any way. Now I’m not sayin’ that she might not be helpin’ Edward somehow. But I honestly think it’s more likely that he plucks information from her head whenever he can that’s useful to him. Alice is a devious, manipulative, conniving bitch, with very little conscience, who can fabricate visions at the drop of a hat and withholds information as and when she sees fit. But she’s my devious, manipulative, conniving bitch. She’s loyal to me. I even know how she works around her visions to prevent Eddie boy pickin’ her brains because she told me. I know more about her gift than she does, which is how I’m able to get around it.”

Now, once you read this chapter maybe you'll understand that a bit more.

On the one hand, there's the 'Alice is an evil bitch' brigade, who think she somehow managed to keep Jasper against his will, but then in the same breath claim Jasper is smart and would know she'd done it. Then there's the other four of you, who actually feel sorry for Alice and realise that she and Jasper really do love each other. No, they're not mates, but that doesn't mean they can't have been in love all these years.

That is my Alice rant over. Anyone who still doesn't believe Alice is #TeamJasper after this is obviously not reading the story I'm writing. On with the show.

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