Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Tuesday Trailer: Behind Enemy Lines, Ch11

Chapter 11 - '... And Your Enemies Closer'

The story so far: Unknown to the Cullens, the Major is back in town. We now know that Jasper's fears about Carlisle and Edward working for the Volturi are real, but that Edward has other plans for Bella than her becoming a vampire. Jasper has recognised his 'mate' but won't ditch Alice, however, we know that Alice is planning to leave him, stepping aside for his real mate; Bella. It's been 3 weeks since Jasper saw Bella, he presumes Edward is keeping her away from him, but he's been able to get some work done on the 'history project'. Now, it's Monday morning and we return to Bella's POV after her weekend with Jasper; it's back to school time for our heroine. 

I tried not to grimace when I saw Mike Newton approaching me from across the lot before I had even left the truck. I had hoped that since he hooked up with Jessica Stanley over the summer that he would finally stop giving me the puppy eyes but, judging by his current expression, that particular hope was in vain. Fortunately, I was saved from facing him at all by my friend, Angela Webber, who was towing an embarrassed looking boy behind her. I assumed it to be her new boyfriend, Ben.

“Bella! Long time no see!” she grinned, knowing full well that my entire summer had been as Edward-centric as hers had been Ben-centric.

“Yeah, we should totally hook up one evening and catch up. I'm sure we both have news to share.” I gave her a pointed look and made a slight shift of my head in Ben's direction.

She grinned. “Absolutely. Do you want to meet for lunch and we can make plans for a girlie night in? I'm thinking comfy PJs, two pots of Ben & Jerry's, maybe some Johnny Depp...”

“Whoa, girl! You had me at the PJs.” Angela always knew how to make me smile.

“All we need is a day and a time then. How about Friday? We could have a sleep over.”

“Sounds good to me; we could head to your house straight after school?”

“Done,” she grinned at me. “It'll be so good to catch up again. I missed you over the summer, Bella.”

I nodded. “Me, too. Hey, I'd better get going or I'll be late for class. See you at lunch?”

I headed towards the main building and as I reached the steps, Edward appeared beside me.

“Good morning, Isabella.”
“Hey,” I reached up to kiss him but he pulled away, wrinkling his nose as if I smelled or something. I frowned. “What's that about? Haven't you hunted? Do I smell too delicious for you today?” I barely kept the sarcasm from my tone.

Edward gave what looked like a sneer but it vanished instantaneously. “You smell of him,” he hissed. “I would prefer it if you didn't.”

Good morning, Mr. Passive-Aggressive.

“Who, him?” I asked, knowing exactly what he was getting at but taking a mild delight in pushing him to say something.

Edward sighed dramatically. “You smell like... Jasper.” He spat his brother's name out like it was a dirty word or something. “I don't like it. I don't like the idea that he might have... touched you...” He turned his mouth up in distaste.

“I smell of him because I'm wearing his coat.” I scowled, annoyed by his attitude. I was sure he wouldn't be saying this if I was wearing Emmett's coat.

Maybe he knows that you and Jasper kissed?

No. He couldn't. The only person who could know anything is Alice and she hasn't said anything.

That is shaky proof at best. What if Jasper's mind slipped?

Jasper's too careful for that. Let's just be glad he can't read my mind too, shall we?

“I don't see why you need to wear his coat. If you need a new coat I will buy you one, Isabella. You're not a beggar.”

Miss the point much?

“I'm wearing Jasper's coat because I like it, it suits my style. Alice is always saying I should experiment with my wardrobe, so, consider me experimented. Besides, it smells really nice.” I only realised that I had buried my nose in the collar, taking a deep sniff of Jasper's scent, when I heard Edward growl. We walked the rest of the way to first class in silence. Apparently either Edward or Alice was in all my classes this year.


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