Tuesday, 18 January 2011

BEL: The Chapter You've All Been Waiting For...

No, it's not the end. Don't worry, we're a very long way from that yet.

But for those who have been eagerly awaiting their opportunity to put all the clues together and figure out 'Who Dunnit', this is the chapter you've been waiting for.

It's been difficult to decide exactly who's on Jasper and Bella's side and who isn't. Maybe this chapter will clear a few things up, maybe it won't. But you'll come out of it with a clear idea of who you think is the most likely candidate. Perhaps you'll think it's the person you've thought all along; perhaps you'll find a new suspect; perhaps you'll decide that what you thought you knew is all wrong and go back to chapter one to search for 'evidence'.

However you decide, please let me know what you think. As always, reviews means spoilers, but reviewers who get it right, will get a mega spoiler that could change the way you view the whole story. Also, for those with TwiWrite membership, there's a forum thread in the author's corner; if any of you want to discuss your views there, you're more than welcome. You can also post your views here if you like. I'd love to know who you think the guilty party is.

Hope that's given you something to think about until next week ;)

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