Tuesday, 25 January 2011

BEL: The Chapter For Those Who ♥ Emmett

So allthe big plans huh? Thank you so much to everyone who joined in the fun and games. I can tell you that:
  • Four people got it right and have received a mega spoiler.
  • One person has figured out the Big Missing Puzzle Piece and got an extra Mega Spoiler
  • One person got a mega spoiler for creative use of the word 'dastardly' in their review, which was just too fucking cool to pass up.

The rest of you, nice try, but keep working on it. There will be more opportunities to get that mega spoiler coming up and soon, you'll find out 'who dunnit'.

But not just yet.

In other news...

Some of you were bemoaning the lack of cunning plan for our favourite big brother bear.
Some of you doubted me.
Some of you thought Emmett might be the villain of the piece because of his absence.
Some of you thought Emmett had no idea what was going on.

Oh, ye of little faith...

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