Monday, 31 January 2011

ManCandy Monday: Since by Mizz Hyde

So you like your smutty boy secks but you like regular lemons too? And you don't mind a bisexual, sorry, 'non preferential', Jasper?

Yeah, me too.

I can highly recommend 'Since' by MizzHyde, which is on a whole other level of tangled web. Jasper arrives in England for his sister, Rosalie's wedding to Emmett. Bella and Edward are a lovely couple who aren't exactly blazing a trail, but get on just fine.

Then Edward has sex with Jasper.
And then so does Bella.
And then Edward does again.
And then they tell each other.
And then Rose finds out.

I cannot WAIT to see what happens next. I kinda want Edward & Bella to get back some at Jasper for what he's done, because he does deserve it. But Jasper has a back story that makes you feel so bad for him that you also kind of want him to be OK and not get hurt, even though he's a 'non preferential' boy-slut.

Here's a teaser from Ch8, in which, post-bachelor party, Emmett has been helped home by Edward & Jasper and is currently doing the drunken, spinny thing on the sofa.

Fuck. That fucking hurt. How the fuck did I fall out of bed? I've never fallen out of bed before. I think. Not that I can remember anyway. The second the room stops spinning I'm gonna get right back in.
Where did this pillow come from? Am I on the floor? I'm pretty sure I'm still on the floor, because it's damn uncomfortable. I appear to have a duvet on top of me too. Maybe I won't bother getting back into bed. Moving seems to be a lot of effort.
I'm going to throw up if I keep lying on my belly. Maybe the floor would be less hard if I turned over. God I'm hungry. I could kill a MacDonald's right now. Or an egg sandwich. I have no idea why that seems so appealing. OK thinking about food is a bad idea. I really need to turn over.
God, that was hard work. I don't think I'm in my bedroom. The carpet feels all wrong. Maybe I have fallen out of bed before, why do I know the carpet textures? I can hear weird little grunty, moany noises. Shit, it sounds like someone making out. That is so not fair. I'm the one getting fucking married. I should be making out.
There's definitely making out going on. They must think I'm asleep... Maybe if I pretend to snore they'll keep going and I can watch for a bit. That would be hot. If I don't get to do it myself I can at least have a bit of a perv. Maybe I'm in someone else's bedroom? I wonder who it is. Jasper was supposed to bring me home.
I can open one eye just a teeny tiny bit, and I can see that the face making the noises I can hear is Jasper. Damn. I'm not sure I want to see this so much. There is definitely someone behind him. Jasper's face is all scrunched up and he's kinda squirming about, rubbing up against, against... whoever it is. I can't see the other guy. How the hell did he find a dude to bring home with him? Gotta keep the snoring noises going. I'm a genius.
I can tilt my head a little bit to the side, and open my other eye to get a better view. Jesus, I think I could sit up and sing Sweet Home Alabama right now and they wouldn't notice. If they take it much further I might have to. There are some things a guy just does not want to see his nearly brother-in-law doing, regardless of his sexual orientation.
Jasper is turning away from me now. Oh shit, they're going to kiss. I'm definitely going to close my eyes again. But if I just shift a tiny bit further I might be able to see the other guy's face, just a bit further, over to the side...
I don't know if this story is available outside TwiWrite, but seriously, you all should be members over there by now because it's a fuckawesome site with a fuckawesome set of admins who actually listen to their readers and don't allow any nonsense. So get your ass over there and sign up, if only to read this beauty.

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  1. Thanks so much for this rec - I only just noticed it! Nearly ready to post ch13 so check it out!