Monday, 17 January 2011

Mancandy Monday: Punishment by Ariana Whitlock

This week's slashfic rec is 'Punishment' by Ariana Whitlock.

(for those who need warnings, this is a BSDM fic)

For those who read mostly on FFn, this is probably an old one because there it's complete, but I discovered it recently as the author has started to post it on TwiWrite.

This story has a bit of everything and it's not your usual BDSM fic that's just gratuitous kinky sex. This has a real twist to it; Jasper starts off as Edward's master, but when he reveals that he's broken his own first rule and fallen in love with his sub, Edward turns the tables on him. Not only does he want to continue to be Jasper's sub, and explore a relationship with him, he wants to be Jasper's Master, as well. Yes, that's right... there's switching involved.

Now, this had the potential to go terribly, horribly wrong, as fans of the genre will know. But I can assure you, it doesn't. Like Edward, Jasper is a former sub turned Dom, and he understands where his new boyfriend is coming from, persuading Alec, his own former Master, to train Edward up. But the tangled web continues when we find out that Alec and Jasper parted ways because Alec fell in love with Jasper, and that Alec is now with Emmett, Jasper's former sub, who also fell in love with him.

Yeah, that Jasper... he has a way about him....

But that's not all. No, deftly written into this love quadrangle is an action-packed, under cover operation, which Alec, Jasper and Emmett are all part of, dealing with abuse in the local sub/Dom system and making sure that if the authorities don't deal with it, justice is still served. When his sister, Leah, becomes a victim of abuse from her boyfriend, he too is drawn into this world.

Add in a Jasper who is extraordinarily strong but who can be brought to his knees (quite literally) by the man he loves, an Edward who has denied his true feelings for Jasper for so long he's having trouble getting them to surface and a bad guy you never meet but will love to hate, and you have all the makings of whatever the slash equivalent of a bodice-ripper is.

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