Friday, 31 December 2010

FanFuc Friday: Jackson Lurve

Yeah, I'm away for the holidays, but I couldn't miss a FanFuc Friday could I? Especially when there's a cute video of Jackson dancing with his mum. Can I get an 'Aww'?

He's said so many times about his parents having difficulty accepting his chosen path in life, that I thought this was just wonderful to see. I sincerely hope they're even half as proud now, of this immensely talented creature, as his fans are; because we think he's fucking awesome.

My parents haven't always been proud of my chosen path as a writer and artist, but they came around eventually. I'm glad it hasn't taken his parents as long as it took mine. My dad's spent all week trying to sneak peeks at my BEL ch14 and keeps asking questions about who the Volturi are. I can see I'm going to have to lend him my Twilight books!

In other news; there are currently not one, but two author interviews up with yours truly. Last week Madam Akyria from TwiMuses asked to interview me; that one went up today. Then this week TwiCarol from Jasper's Naughty Girls asked for one and that went up on Wednesday. I feel all heady and official, like a real Fan Fiction author! Thanks to both Carol and Akyria for posing some interesting questions, I really enjoyed taking part :)

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  1. Aww, thank you for taking part with my interview! I loved picking your brain for a bit.