Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Tuesday Twister; Beautiful Dangerous by vampireisthenewblack

OK, so this one isn't exactly a story with a twist but it's definitely twisted.
Like original plots? Enjoy a little slash occasionally? Love the old JxE dynamic?

Then run, don't walk, run to read Beautiful Dangerous (ff net link is here) by vampireisthenewblack. There's only two chapters so far, but it's definitely worth reading and adding to your list. While you're there go check out some of the other stories because damn, what a writer. This is AH with a side of bloodletting, Psychoward and serial killer, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Teaser from Ch1

He dragged the petals away again, down his arm, to his wrist. "How about here?" And then swiftly, he struck the stem across the inside of his wrist.
The hooked thorns tore into his skin with an audible ripping noise. He barely flinched. Blood welled, flowed down his fingers, dripped to the floor.
He raised his arm slowly, twisting his wrist and gazing at the wound as if in wonder, as crimson fluid oozed and began to flow the other way. And then just as slow, he brought his eyes to mine as he pressed his ring finger to his lower lip, reddening it with his own blood. He sucked the finger into his mouth.
I gasped, my heart threatening to burst with need for him. His lips so red, I had to taste them, to taste him. My eyes flicked to his in a silent question, and he released his finger and raised his chin, parting his lips in invitation.
I closed the short space between us, and clutching his bleeding wrist in one hand I captured his lips with mine, letting my tongue sweep the colour from his mouth, taking every last drop from his lips and tongue.
"For you," he whispered, lowering his wrist to his hip. "On your knees. I want you to taste me, drink my blood."
My wildest dreams had come true. Jasper was different, he offered me his blood before I'd taken his body. That had never happened before, never with any of the others, and it struck me blind and dumb with gratitude and love for him.
I dropped to my knees before him and took his offering in my hands. His warmth flowed over my fingers as well, and I lowered my lips to his wrist, lapping and sucking with abandon. Blood smeared my lips and face, but I didn't care. My eyes drifted closed as his free hand found my head, fingers weaving into my hair, encouraging me.
I was engulfed in his sweetness.
He gripped my hair tightly, pulling, and then a blinding pain shot through me, as if I'd been struck by lightning. I fell, floated, heard faint words through the fog.
"Sick fuck."
And then nothing.

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