Thursday, 11 November 2010

My Current Top Ten JxB TwiFics

I love reading TwiFics and my favourites are Jasper/Bella, vamp/human ones.

This is my top 10 from my current reading list. There's so many awesome ones out there right now that I could probably write another top 10 list tomorrow, but these are the ones I squeal about when I see an update in my inbox.

They are in no particular order, they are ALL worth reading for Jasper/Bella fans. Some of these authors have more than one story going in tandem so I picked the one I would read first if two alerts came to my inbox at the same time. Do check out their other fics as well.

1. The Butterfly Effect - HammerHips (cross posted to TwiWrite)
One of the most unique stories around at the moment. Jasper kills a human girl called Evie and her ghost takes pity on him. Evie herself is one of the single most unique characters I've seen.

2. The Quiet Room - Givemesomevamp
Heartbreaking storyline, hilarious internal dialogues from Bella, Peter being a lovable jackass and a God of War. What more could a girl ask for?

3. Saving Bella - Mynxi
No, but no one, writes Doucheward like Mynxi does. This story will make you laugh, make you cry and occasionally make you shout at your screen.

4. Conversations With My Killer - Oracle Vas
What's that you say? You want some nice, dark, don't-give-a-hoot Jasper, who tells it like it is and suffers no fools? And you want Bella to get a backbone and see the reality of her situation? And at the same time you want to know what the Cullen's are really hiding? You better get reading then.

5. The Art of Redemption - Cowgirl Amber (cross posted to TwiWrite)
It's 4 years later. Bella has pulled up her big girl panties, developed a backbone and now works in a bar in New Mexico. Jasper is struggling still and being a bit emosper while Peter and Charlotte try to pull him out of it with a night on the town. Girl meets Vamp and... well it's early days but it's already an interesting ride.
Disclaimer: I'm a little biased because Amber's my beta and, as of this week, I'm hers. But I actually started reading and favourited this story before she offered to be my beta, so no bias there, I promise.

6. A Beautiful Mess - kO haLe yeS
They're on the run from James and Bella, Alice & Jasper are staying in the hotel. She ogles him,  he ogles her and as the title suggests a beautiful mess of angst unfolds from there.

7. Bound By Promises - JaspersIzzy
No one writes Darksper like Izzy and this is Darksper at his finest. She promises a HEA but it's going to be a bumpy ride for both Bella and Jasper, if the first few chapters are anything to go by.

8. Thirteen - Karen E Teague
Jasper gets his Psych Doctorate and guess who he bumps into? This story is dark and will pull on your hearstrings. It also has some of the most original characters I've seen in TwiFics.

9. Someday - duskri123
Everyone has secrets and Jasper knows everyone's. How will Bella react once she's clued in to the reality of the seemingly perfect world Cullen family? And what is Bella's secret? No one can mess around with poor Jasper's head like Duskri.

10. The Threads of Our Souls - Untamed Loner
If you want a truly original JxB fic with plenty of cliff hangers, this is the fic for you. It's totally original storyline reveals some interesting truths about the real relationship between Jasper and Bella and if it doesn't keep you on the edge of your seta, nothing will.

Got some recommendations? Let me know in the comments, I love hearing about new ones.

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