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Monday Mancandy: Mergers & Acquisitions by Domward's Mistress

So you probably worked out by now that when I'm not reading or writing Jasper/Bella fics I'm delving into the Jasper/Eddie slash fics. In fact, I often find the only time I actually like Edward is when he's being manhandled by Jasper.

For those of you missing the deliciousness that was tuesdaymidnight's Raw & Rosy, may I suggest Mergers and Acquisitions by Domward's Mistress. It's an M rating and with good reason; if you don't like slash-lemons and rape/abuse storylines then you might not want to read it because there is plenty of it and some of it will bring you to tears. BUT having said that it's all written with such expertise that you'll be awed how sensitively she deals with these subjects.

What's it About?

(AH) Jasper is a gay street hooker who, in a Pretty Woman-esque moment is whisked off to a nice hotel by Tanya who turns him into a high class escort. Peter and Edward are just two of his very rich clients and the boy who had no childhood, suffered all kinds of abuse and ended up as a homeless hooker in Seattle by the age of twenty, is suddenly thrown into a new world.

Three hours later, we were walking into an empty apartment on the twentieth floor of a downtown high rise in a part of town I had rarely seen even though most of my johns probably came from the suburbs and areas like this. Driving their Toyotas and minivans down my street, the closeted husbands sought me out, their eyes roaming my open-aired office for just the right boy to fuck in hopes of allowing them to get it up for their wives later.
"So, what do you think?" she smiled, turning to me. Looking out the window over the Seattle skyline, I saw the sun setting, the last rays of the day peeking out behind the clouds.
"It's great…."
"But?" she encouraged, knowing I was not finished.
"Seems a bit too good to be true," I finally said, still not looking at her, and shoving my hands deep into my pockets.
"Well, Jasper, I believe in treating my employees very well. They are my bread and butter so to speak, and should be treated respectfully."
The hardwood floors and beautiful view were more than 'respectfully'.
"That being said," she walked over to stand next to me, her hand on my arm forcing me to look at her. "If you do work for me, you will do as I say and go where I tell you to go. In return, I will treat you well, but there are conditions you must meet and follow."
Nodding, I remembered the so-called conditions she had told me at the coffee shop. My position required me to be at her beck and call six days, or rather nights, a week to entertain clients. This entertaining could be anything from dinner to spending the entire night with them. In turn, she would provide me with a cell phone, apartment, gym membership, a percentage of my intake and a car and driver.
"Oh, you will also have a credit card," she informed me, pulling out an American Express Gold Card. In awe, I stared at the card. I had only seen them on the sides of the buses that drove by me as I sat in car while some john had his lips around my cock. "For all work related expenses, such as condoms, clothing, dinners, lube…toys."
After almost spitting my coffee out, I quirked an eyebrow at her, "Excuse me?"
"Toys. Vibrators, dildos, bondage….toys."
I wasn't in fucking Kansas anymore.
"Are you still interested?" she asked, placing the card back in her wallet.
Fuck yes.
"Good. Our next step is to get you tested and into some proper clothes."
She pulled out a business card and slid it across the table to me. "Call this office tomorrow and make an appointment. They will fit you as soon as you call."
Standing up, she swung her bag over her shoulder. "Now, let me show you the apartment."

 It's a Jasper/Edward/Peter love triangle with some extra complications thrown in (Riley fans won't be disappointed, I adore him in this story) and it gets more and more heartbreaking as it goes along. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is straightforward in this story and just when you think you have  handle on things she throws in a whole new perspective that makes you wonder who you can trust. There's a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of slash/lemons in this, obviously, but some of it is hilarious and she doesn't disapppoint with the little comedic interludes - many of them including Jasper's driver, Aro, whose unique perspective is something to behold.

The gentleman that had answered was about what I had expected, six inches shorter than me, and twenty pounds overweight, the hair that should have been on his head was on his chest. He wore nothing but a pair of plaid boxers.
He put a whole new twist on the term 'Keeping up with the Joneses'.
With a fake smile on my face, I held out my hand. "Mr. Jones, I'm Jasper."
I felt like a Christmas day ham put in front of a starving man as his eyes roamed hungrily up and down my body.
"Do you have what I requested?"
I am well, thank you for asking, asshole.
Nodding, I walked into the foyer and was directed to a room near the back of the house. It was furnished with expensive well crafted furniture and Oriental rugs covered shiny hardwood floors. Walking through, I glanced around at the exits and possible weapons. Tayna always made sure that we were walking into the safest situations possible, but if matters fell into my own hands, I wanted to be the one that walked out alive.
He had led me into an office of sorts where all but one piece of furniture had been pushed against the walls. In the middle of the room sat a wicker couch without a back with a small white cloth on it. Next to the couch was a small table with a bowl of grapes on it. As he reclined on the couch and rested against of the arms, he motioned to my jacket.
"Take it off."
I didn't mind his eagerness, I wanted to get it over with, but he could have been a little nicer about it. While I undid the buttons of my jacket, he pulled his boxers down, letting his small erection free. I chuckled, remembering Aro's comment of they come in different shapes…and sizes apparently.
Turning, I hung my jacket on the coat rack by the door and turned to face him. I had never felt more embarrassed than I did then.
Dressed in nothing more than a silk white toga, I walked over to him and knelt beside him.
"How may I serve you, my Master?" I asked, bowing my head like the good servant I was pretending to be.
Smiling, he had run a hand through my hair and I had to stop from gagging at his touch. "Feed me those grapes," he said, pointing to the bowl on the table. "One by one."
Picking up the bowl, I saw all the grapes and realized I was going to be there all fucking night. With a sigh, I held a grape up to his dry lips and watched with pretend interest as he took them into his mouth.
I hoped like fuck he didn't want to blow me because the thought of those lips around my cock made me ill, to say nothing of limp as hell.
Three hours, one blow job and finger fucking later, I left. Aro stood by the car's door watching me walk toward him, my toga visible under my open coat. As I reached the car, he was about to speak, but I stopped him.
"Don't ask," I demanded, getting into the back seat. Aro got in and started the car.
"Sir, may I ask just one question?" he requested politely.
"Fine," I sighed, leaning my head against the seat.
"Where did you put your Blackberry in that thing?" he laughed.
But at the heart of the story are two very confused boys; one who's so far out of the closet he didn't know there was one but who missed out on having any kind of childhood; and one who had a priviledged childhood but who's so far inside the closet he couldn't find the door with a map and a flashlight.

It's a wonderful read and it's one of my 'ZOMG! Drop everything, there's an update' fics.

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