Tuesday, 10 May 2011

BEL: In Which There is Much Double-Crossing

What would a good mystery story be without the old double-double-cross? There are so many people playing for different sides here, but there are two looking out specifically for themselves. One, with the deluded intent of keeping the girl he believes he loves safe; the other, taking advantage of any and all situations, with purely selfish reasons.

The two combined could be deadly.

However, regardless of their faith in their own abilities, the other team has a few tricks up their sleeves, including a so far unmentioned covert branch. That's right folks, another player is being brought in.

Can you guess who it is yet? ;)

Ch26 Spoiler:

Peter's been instrumental in all this so far. But what's his end game? What is he really up to? Let's catch up with Peter, Charlie and Carlisle as they arrive in the new Whitlock-Cullen residence at Red Feather Lake, Colorado.

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