Tuesday, 22 March 2011

BEL: The Chapter in Which The Lion Gets His Courage Back

This latest chapter rounds off the Bella/Jasper section and brings us a glimpse of the new and improved version Jasper.

Yes, my 'Jasper' is much more fragile than most. But don't forget this one is not 'Jasper the Major'; he is Jasper and the Major as two separate entities. Jasper is overly sensitive, The Major is overly aggressive. What we're working towards here is fusing the two split personalities back together.

That's where Bella comes in. She is his tethered mate, which basically means she's everything he needs and vice versus. She will be the one who helps him literally heal his broken pieces and put them back together.

As the God of War aka Ol' Red Eyes, his third personality or 'demon' he is the ultimate bad ass (yes, he'll be putting in an appearance), but it is not uncommon for overly dominant men like that to be submissive to their partners. For 'Jasper', Bella is his sanctuary. For 'The Major', she is his General, his partner in crime. What will she be for Ol' Red Eyes? Only time will tell, but it's going to be a treat.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: *kisses Naelany's feet for being awesome with her awesomeness in the face of my general paleness and lack of know-how. Ch22 is now up on FFn.

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  1. ff work-around: when you get the error page, change "property" to "content" in the URL, it'll take you straight to the chapter page ;-)

    now excuse me, I have a chapter to read *runs*